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“Study hard.”, “Get good grades.”, “Education is the key to success.” You must have often heard these lines since school time. But, what education really is? Is it a way to nurture children? Or is it a way to cultivate good thinking in students? Education is a type of learning. It is transferring of knowledge from one person to another. “There are two types of educations: one teaches us how to make a living and the other how to live” This quote indeed removes all the confusions in mind and gives clear idea about education.

Education is very important in one’s life. It teaches people how to think. It puts ones potential to the maximum use. Education is increasing its range. The courses and programs are increasing. Common programs related to business, law, computers and healthcare are there in every University And School Now-a-days the uncommon ones like cosmetology, hospitality as well as massage and wellness have also been started in most of the universities. Also, the number of universities is increasing.

Despite education being vital in everyone's life, it’s not cheap. Students try to take admission in University And School where they get most of the facilities with minimum rates. They will check if the professors teach properly and classes are conducted regularly. They will also try to get scholarship so as to save their money and get education. They will keep in mind all these things before taking admission in any university.

When students do not get jobs, they realize they have got the degree but they do not possess skills needed for the job. Thus, in the education budget 2013 by Obama administration, it is mentioned that they have decided to educate students and train them so that they can get jobs. This way they can help students to get a job and help employers to get the right candidates for their work. This leads to the overall benefit of a community. As Obama’s goal is to make USA leading in graduates by the year 2020, colleges are being made more affordable. They make sure every student is able to afford to pursue a degree in a college. Many new University And School are planned in near future. Students with disabilities will be given chance to educate themselves. Students who are not the residents of USA and who do not know English well are being taught proper English. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education is being focused a lot as it will help improving the economy of the nation.